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What you get with a Protocol Designed and Installed Structured Cabling System:

Professional Installations

BICSI Installation Methods are the guidelines for all installations by Protocol. Start to finish, we will provide the project management to keep the job on track and on schedule.

National Electrical Codes

NEC codes are law; it is mandatory that these codes be adhered to. Our Project Managers and Technicians are educated in the installation methods that are required.

EIA/TIA Cabling Standards

These are industry accepted standards, for interoperability between equipment. The Standards include test parameters and test equipment.


As built drawings, system test results and installed products are provided for a complete system installation.

Extended Warranties

An extended warranty is provided in cooperation with equipment/cable manufacturers and Protocol Communications. Warranties vary dependent on the manufacturer, but are for 15, 20 & 25 years.


Every design and installation is reviewed by an RCDD, who is in good standing.

Technical Personnel

A BICSI certified Installer who also has training by the manufacturer in the specific products that are being installed in the structured cabling system.

Customer Installations

  • Television Stations
    Designed and installed Structured Cabling systems for local stations
  • ONLINE Retailers
    Provided Installation and ongoing support for locations since 2005
  • Manufacturing Plants
    Steel Mills, Paper Plants, Heavy Machines, since 1994
  • Distribution Centers
    150,000 to 1 Million square feet, installation and support of Cabling System
  • Computer/Server Rooms
    Build and maintain cabling for various sized facilities
  • Office Environments
    Cable, IDF and MDF for small to large general office environments since 1987
  • College & K-12
    Installation of Campus Fiber Backbone and UTP cabling for multiple entities
  • Local Government
    Design, Installation & Support of Fiber, UTP and Wireless Networks
    Designed & installed Fiber, UTP & WLAN at food and beverage processing plants